Good bye for all the memory

7/07/2017 10:36:00 am


I think it is not too late for me to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin. It has been a month I didn't post anything on my blog. Seriously, I don't have a time because I'm busy to settling all the things for Hari Raya. Okay, for this post I will write in English version and sorry for my grammatical error because I'm still learning hahaha. I don't have any Hari Raya photo, in case you wonder hehe.

3 month already and I still remember how struggle am I to face the difficult condition between me and my roommates. There's a conflict between me and them and it started when I come back to college after I have a long holiday during study week. I didn't mean to make a bad story about them and tell anything about them. But you know, I felt really stressed at that time because we're having a final exam. What I can tell, they tried to psycho me and make me admit the thing that I didn't make at all. Okay, I don't want to talk about it! It really makes me tired of anything.

I am done with him! I don't want to remember anything about him anymore. Maybe it is difficult for me to forget but, I tried my best to forget about the person who didn't want me slowly. Yes, it takes time but it's okay at least I can forget him. 4 years I'd try my best to make him notice all I have done for him but until now he didn't see it. And okay, I already give up on him. I think it is time for me to think about myself more rather than anybody else that didn't appreciate me.

Before this, I write everything about him on my blog. And now, I deleted all that I've written in this blog one by one. Its nothing that I want to remember anymore. Actually, I'm not the person who easily give up on what I'm doing but this time I just can't. My heart is really turning into pieces whenever I see him. Maybe I can stop here because I don't think to write more about him.

Thanks for all the memory. Thanks because you've made me the stupid person ever while I'm in school. But I don't care about it. Just forget it and I pray for your happiness with the person who does you love.


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